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Sell your Tommy Gun items here!

Have a Tommy Gun or related item to sell? We are always interested in purchasing new and used items. You can Sell to us outright. We can also take Consignments for certain items and collections to put on this website and run at auction. If you are a manufacturer, vendor or handcrafter, or other Tommy Gun Vendor then please Contact Us with a description of your wares. I offer an easy way for sellers to realize the full potential of their items with minimal out of pocket expenses. Please Contact Us for further details if you are interested in selling with Me. I offer three choices to sell: Spammers: This is for Tommy Gun related items only all other solicitations are forbidden. See the Acceptable Usage Policy before thinking about it.

Sell Outright

Sell your Tommy Gun or Related Item directly to me. *All BATF rules apply. Contact Us for more information. 


Consign your Tommy Gun or Related Item for sale at Online Auction or on this Website. (This is reserved for more desirable items or larger collections)


If you manufacture, handcraft, or broker in Tommy Guns or Related Items and would like to have us purchase or market your products, I am interested in hearing about it. Contact Us for more information.


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