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New Milled 1927/M1 Buttstock Adaptor Kit. Needed to Convert Semiautomatic Thompson's to Detachable Buttstock.

Newly Manufactured by Chopper Ordnance! 

Milled to military blueprints for a superior fit...Not stamped and bent like the others on the market that will not engage the slide without fitting. We held the latch area to original tolerances for a positive latch without unnecessary movement.

Designed to be long enough for contouring a 1927/M1 frame to 28 specs in the stock engagement area for the purpose of adding a detachable buttstock. Attaches with 4 machine screws instead of 2 as found on others on the market. Screws are recessed and can be filed by weld for a strong bond and seamless installation.

For those who wish to install without the contouring...just cut off at the provided scribe line, drill and tap, and attach with the provided screws. (some models may require a lug being ground off of the frame while some lugs drift out with a roll pin.)
Before we will put our name on a product we make, it is put under the microscope by demanding collector, and when they finally say "I would put that on my gun" is it good enough to be called ours.
  Out of production                                         SKU: CO518930 


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