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Tommy Gun related links:

The American Thompson Association  (TATA) Collector, Author and Historian Tracie Hills association with free online newsletter viewable on his website. $30 annual membership dues. Members have the opportunity to attend shoots and view Tracie's extensive collection....all in great company of course! Tracie's Books and videos are a must have for even the beginners collection and can be purchased through the TATA website.

Thompson Collectors Association  A website for owners and enthusiasts of John Thompson’s “Trench Broom”.  Pages are devoted to association activities, history, reloading, humor, articles on Thompson's and accessories as well as a membership application.

American Zoot Shooters Association: is a shooting sport in which participants dress in 1920/30s costumes and use period correct firearms, like Tommy Guns and 1911 pistols. Zoot Shooters compete against the clock, engaging targets for the best possible score.

1927a1.com site dedicated to the 1927 Thompson Semiautomatic Carbine. Tips on maintenance as well as modification suggestions to hybridize the 1927.

Sgt's Thompson HQ is a website dedicated to a  personal journey of Thompson ownership and tribute to a family's military heritage.

MikesMachineGuns.com Mike Hensley's Machine Gun Page. Has some great Thompson Pic's and Videos.

MachineGunBoards.com: Homepage of  the Thompson Message Board. A great source of research information. 

MachineGunBooks.com American Thunder, the Military Thompson and other Machine Gun Books by Frank Iannamico. Great source of Thompson information.


Other Gun Related Links:

Defense Consulting Inc. Class 2 manufacturer, class 1 importer, 5% over dealer cost on most firearms, machine gun rentals, sales to Law Enforcement member of the TCA. 

Sportsman Steel Safe Company  Home of 2300' Fire Protection! Only gun safe with doors built like a bank vault and even offers Hi-Temp ceramic models. Very reasonable pricing! 

www.WarRifles.com A no fees charged gun board that breaks all the rules with a never before seen format and a friendly atmosphere, check it out.

MachineGunBelts.com  The name says it all. Inert belted ammo for re-enactors, display and shows. MGB sells higher quality 7.62mm & 5.56mm belts in several lengths and tip color options for an accurate simulation. 30-06 & 50 cal BMG coming.

MP40modelGuns.com  Interesting and informative site dedicated to collecting and "shooting" Japanese model guns. (Including the Thompson Model Gun!)


2nd amendment related links:

Interview with the Boogeyman...Interview with a former ATF agent regarding the Constitution, Second amendment and all things law enforcement.

NFA and other gun law related info and cases: Fantastic legal resource that includes Law and Legal Opinions...a ton of  letters from the ATF and When the ATF comes a Callin...What to do when they come for you! This could save you alot of trouble!


Other interesting links:

NationsAttic.com Antique Slot machine Sales and Service. How about a nice Vintage 1920's slot machine to go with your Tommy Gun! I will take one of each myself.

Bataan LHD 5  Our favorite Amphibious Assault Ship under the command of Capt. Nora Tyson. OK so maybe we are just a little partial since the former CO Capt. Earle Yerger gave us a personal tour! Go Bataan! Pics to follow.

DrunkenBob.com You gotta check this one out for a good laugh!

DarklightImagery.net A Gallery of Nature, Scenic, Cave, and Celestial Photography from Around, Under, and Above the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Striking images from the photography of Christopher Anderson.

Legacy Military Weapons Military and Aircraft Scale Models.

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