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Here is where you will find the answers to our most common questions. If you emailed us with a question and we directed you to this page...it is to save time and resources answering questions that are easily found here. 



       Q:   If I buy a gun...will you ship it to my house?

       A: No we will only ship Firearms and Receivers to Dealers that have the proper License. You can order guns directly from us but would need to have a dealer to ship it to and transfer to you. FFL dealers typically charge between $25 and $40 for transfer services. Guns sent in for repair by their rightful owners can be shipped back when done without the need for an FFL.


       Q: Do you ship internationally?

       A: No, we only do business within the US with US citizens. We will not get involved in international transactions so please do not ask. 


       Q: Will you ship to California? 

        A: Yes! With some restrictions. We now ship parts and accessories to CA! We have even developed our own invisible Drop Tool design that preserves the visual appeal of the Thompson.


        Q: Do you accept Credit cards? If not what payment do you accept?

        A: We only accept checks, money orders and certified funds as payment. Checks, most money orders and certified funds require 2 weeks to clear. US Postal Money Orders do not require 2 weeks to clear.


         Q: Research Questions. ie...what's my gun worth? When was it made? How do I clean, disassemble, operate, DIY repair/diagnose...etc.

         A: Due to the overwhelming volume of research requests, we are unable to answer them without disrupting our normal business. We apologize for being unable to reply to these requests. We suggest you try the Thompson Message Board at www.machinegunboards.com. There are many knowledgeable members there and can find basically anything you need to know about Thompson's there. 


Q:  If I order a gun, how long will it take for me to get it?

         A: This is impossible to predict so we do not guarantee delivery dates on factory orders! A general guideline is 1 week for us to process. 2 weeks for checks to clear (only USPS Money Orders Clear right away). Once the factory has received your order allow 1-5 weeks for your gun to be built for you and 1 week for transit from the factory to your dealer.   We do not get status notifications from the factory unfortunately. We only get notified when the guns has shipped and we forward this along to the customer. If this timeframe has passed and you have not been notified it shipped and  your dealer still does not have the gun...let us know and we will make a special call to the factory and see if we can get an update on the estimated timeframe, but check your dealer first! Since we do not get updates and do not make special phone calls before the estimated timeframe has expired, any premature requests for order statuses will be reffered to this FAQ. NFA purchases require additional time for necessary transfers to be approved by the ATF. Patience is needed!


Q: If I put a Short Barrel on my Rifle, does it have to be registered as a Short Barreled Rifle with the ATF?

        A: The question answers itself. Yes. You can contact the ATF for more information.


Q: What is required to purchase a Short Barreled rifle? 

        A: Short Barreled Rifles or SBR's are regulated under NFA and essentially transfer like machine guns.  They must be registered with the ATF and a $200 transfer tax must be paid. These guns must be transferred to an SOT dealer in your state to be transferred to you. Your local SOT may charge a fee for transfer services and collect the $200 tax. Not all states allow citizens to own SBR's. Your local SOT dealer or the ATF should be able to provide more information regarding your rights and responsibilities regarding NFA ownership.  


Q:   Transferable Full Auto's are expensive. Can you convert a semiauto to full auto for me?

       A: No. Unfortunately this is not allowed. If you want a full auto, an existing, registered full auto if your only option unless you are a federally licensed machine gun dealer or manufacturer.





We will add to this page as we go along.

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