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Thompson Accessories

Here are are some of the Vintage and New Production Tommy Gun Accessories for Semiautomatic and Full Auto Thompson Submachine guns. Please read and agree to my Policies/Terms before using my site. Contact Us for purchase instructions. Come back often for new items will be added regularly.


Vintage Thompson Accessories

140930 Breech Brush Unused Brass and Nylon $18.50
Cleaning Rod Brass New $30.00
Drum Magazine Pouch Khaki $145.00
512400 Magazine Pouch 20 round 5 Cell NOS $105.00
Oiler black crinkle fits in buttstock NOS $45.00
Oiler retaining felt secures oiler in buttstock $12.00


New Cases, Slings Belts and Pouches

FIELDCASE Repro Canvas Field Case Khaki Very High Quality $115.00
T7 FBI Style Hard Case $175.00
T42 Padded Case with Logo, stick and drum pouches $135.00
T50 Thompson Rifle Case with Logo $90.00
T30 "Violin" Style Case has room for Drum and Sticks $155.00
5 Cell 20 Round Mag Pouch Khaki GI Excellent $65.00
5 Cell 20 Rd Mag Pouch w/ 5 20rd mags Excellent $155.00
5Cell 20 Rd Mag Pouch w/ 520rd & Belt! EX GI $194.95
5 Cell 20 Rd Dated Mag Pouch Khaki GI Ex $75.00
5 Cell 20Rd Dated Mag Pouch Khaki GI 3pk $159.95
5 Cell 20 Rd Dated Mag Pouch w/ 5 Mags EX $179.95
5 Cell 20 rd Dated Mag Pouch w/5 mags & Belt EX $189.95
512390USMC 3 Cell 30 round khaki magazine pouch USMC repro $54.95
5123901942 3 Cell 30 round khaki magazine pouch 1942 repro  $54.00
USGI Belt US Marked Khaki Web EX NOS $55.00
USGI Belt US Marked Khaki Web EX 3pk $119.95
512200 Drum Pouch Reproduction Khaki $45.00
KSLING Khaki sling reproduction. Excellent Quality $56.00


Vintage Thompson Tools / Equiptment

Gages WW2 Auto Ordnance Gage Collection w/ George Goll Gage Sold


New Accessories

CO518930 New Milled 1927/M1 Buttstock Adaptor Kit ------
513270 West Hurley 1927 Detachable Buttstock Adaptor Kit $50.00
538050 New Barrel Band Swivel Mount $45.00
512540 Semiautomatic Cleaning Rod & Brush Set $43.40
T31 Thompson "Third Hand" Drum Installation Tool $6.35



140930 West Hurley Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun Shoulder Patch $10.00
511700 Copies of Two Vintage Thompson Handbooks New In Wrap $26.95
TIECLIP Tommy Gun Tie Clip $15.00
bulletpin Thompson Gold Tone Bullet Pin $35.00
bulletpat Thompson Bullet Logo Shoulder Patch $12.95
lapelpin Auto Ordnance West Hurley "Tommy Gun" Lapel Pin $15.95
drumsht L & C Drum Instructions Set Photocopy $14.95
techman M1928A1 War Department 1942 Technical Manual Copy $24.95
511840 Thompson Bullet Logo Zippo Lighter Black $45.95
zippopen Thompson SMG  Zippo Pen in Case $64.95
book1 The Thompson Submachine Gun by Tracie Hill $95.00


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