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WWII Auto Ordnance Inspection Gages For Sale!

24 gage collection including one rare gage marked for George Goll! Largest known collection. Likely from the Russel Maguire era Circa 1940's. 

For Sale!                                        Entertaining Serious Offers
All gages shown in the above photo are included. Parts of this collection have been inspected and documented by Tracie Hill. Some of these gages have been discovered since and are undocumented. See the details for each gage below. Click on thumbnail images for larger pictures.


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George Goll Gage

Marked G.E.O. E. GOLL, AOC in a circle, .6568 & .6468


Marked 15M18 over a line with a "9" under it. Used to measure rear grip mount contour on the 1928 gripframe.


Marked A.O.C., 28-15, 31-A-610. NO GO .935, GO .940 has NTC (New York Tool Company) Mark.


Three of these. One is excellent, one has minor pitting and one is a fragment. Marked 28-2 and 30-27.43

28-21 403-946 

Five of these with one fragment. Marked 28-21 403-S-946, GO 1.530 & NO GO 1.520 One has A.O.C. and B2 in electric pencil markings.

28-21 403-S-947

Four of these with one fragment among them. Marked 28-21 403-S-947. Two have AOC on the back (one with electric pencil "C" in a square. Another one has the New York Tool Company full logo on the back.

28-21 403(1,2)-948

Three of these. Two have stamp markings with 28-21 403(1,2)-948, A.O.C., GO .800, NO GO .804 and the NTC (New York Tool Company) initials. The other is marked the same with electric pencil and has RP, 100.120 and an arrow pointing to a corner radius.


Fragment stamp marked 28-22 403-8359, 38 over 400. Reverse is stamped 4 GO and 34 NO GO. 


Fragment Stamp Marked 28-27 44-2811, A.O.C. Appears to have an electric pencil "U".


Marked 28-32 5-G-5413, A.O., "G" in a circle, GO .730, NO GO .727. All in electric pencil.


Fragment stamp marked 28-38 20-2288, .108 GO, NO-GO. In electric pencil there is an underlined "9" in a circle on the back and A.O.C. on the front.

28-55 7-2751

Stamp Marked 23-55 7-2751, .802 GO, .798 NO GO on the front.


Stock Sub Machine Gun Inlet Slide Clear KTC. Not sure if this is a Thompson Gage or not.

28-55 9-2769

Has 28-55 9-2769 in electric pencil on the front and back.


Information on these gages will be added as it surfaces.


Contact Us with questions or to make an offer.


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