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WW2 Reenactor Breakthrough!

New Non-NFA 10/5 in Blank Fire Barrels for your semiauto Thompson!


21A style non-NFA Blank Fire conversion. Gun has additional cosmetic modifications to closely resemble a 1921a model.


Our  blank firing barrels give your semiautomatic Long Rifle Tommy Gun the short barreled look of the original Thompson Sub-Machine Gun. These are great for display as well as making noise when reenacting or movie props! Blank Barrels are the same length (10.5in) as the original Tommy Guns that were used in WW2 and in the Elliot Ness days! These specially designed barrels are ATF approved and require no special licensing to install on your Thompson Long Tommy Gun! Uses standard 45acp blanks. 

1928A1 blank barrel conversion with cutts compensator.

Available in 1921A, 1928AC and M1 configurations. Combine with our Quick Change barrel modification and swap between shooter and blank barrels in minutes! Comes with a complete set of apertures to work with most any commercially available .45 blank ammo!


Click Here to see the video!


ATF Approved!





Convert to blank fire use only




Fit blank barrel and install EZ pull Springs




Fit Blank Barrel, adapt to quick change barrel setup and install EZ Pull Spring kit  for near effortless cocking!



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